I am a vegan. Now before you get all upset and defensive, I am not the type of vegan that is going to be all up in your face, protesting outside of your door with my other vegan friends; actually I have no vegan friends. I like to consider myself a subtle vegan, a relatively rare subgroup of vegans. In fact, you would probably never know that I was vegan in the first place unless you follow me on Instagram and in that case my username gives it away, @vegangalrayray. (Follow me). My posts would eventually give it away too because just about everything I post is some kind of vegan food. Subtle vegans are not actively trying to convert everyone and anyone to veganism, they prefer to talk about it only when the subject is brought up. They will not attack you for eating meat or drinking cow’s milk, no matter how weird the concept is to them. They prefer to go about their every day lives without being obnoxious and crazy. To clarify, I am not shitting on the more aggressive vegan type. I praise them and respect them for trying to make a change and for being so forward. However, that is just not my personality and I prefer to divert all attention away from myself.

Despite being a subtle vegan, there are times when one needs to voice their opinions. I say opinions, but often times it’s actually just facts and knowledge. I saw a tweet earlier today that sums up every vegan’s problem whether you are subtle or not so subtle. The tweet said, “Refuse a straw and you’re a hero, point out that the fishing industry actually causes more harm to sea-life than plastic and you’re a ‘preachy vegan,’” (@AhForFoxSake). She could not be more right. I do prefer the quiet vegan approach, but there are times in conversation when it’s appropriate to include just a bit of knowledge and your intentions are not to sound preachy. If you think about it, in every conversation there is going to be some information spewed whether it’s someone talking about their job or gossip. 

Image by Annie Spratt

3 thoughts on “Subtly Vegan (Prospectus)

  1. It makes a lot of sense to clarify that you are not a pretentious vegan. It allows the reader to understand that you are simply having a discussion. I think if you stay on the same track and try to state some pros/cons to both sides it may help your case even more.

  2. I really like the idea of your essay and was wondering if you would talk about if people treat you differently when they find out you’re a vegan? Or if the more ‘aggressive vegans’ have somehow impacted the way you talk about your own experience in being a vegan? I’m curious to read more on how you decided to become vegan, what steps you took to actually go through with it, and if it ever affects your life in a negative way?

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